Sunday, 27 May 2012

Our final JOUR1111 Tutorial

Today was our final tutorial for JOUR1111.  We finished the tutorial program by watching a documentary about the New York Times.  The documentary gave an insight to what goes on at the New York Times.  It discussed the challenges the newspaper has faced regarding ‘the death of newspapers’.  The fear of dying newspapers is something that is very evident in the 21st century due to ever changing and developing technology.  It is so easy now to access news online for free, which makes buying newspapers unnecessary to some people. 

The documentary talked a lot about Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, which came up briefly in our last lecture.  I am still yet to decide if I think Julian Assange is doing the right thing by exposing all the information that he has.  Sometimes I wonder why the information has been hidden from the public in the first place.  When I was travelling around Africa in January I met a family who had been personally affected and endangered by him.  They are a family that works in Africa for the American Embassy, their names were released in some documents that Assange revealed.  They had very strong opinion on him, and believe that he should locked up for what he has done.  They know a lot of other families that have also had personal and private information leaked by Assange, which can really put them in danger.

Overall, I have enjoyed all of my JOUR1111 tutorials this semester.  They have all been really helpful for assessments and to further understand content that is covered in lectures. 

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