Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Lecture 12 Reflection - The End of JOUR1111

Today was our final lecture for JOUR1111.  We had a guest lecturer this afternoon, Steve Molks.  He is the creator and blogger of Molks TV Talk.  He started his blog two years ago and now has his own mini empire.  Steve Molks talked about his passion for journalism and television, and how he has been able to combine the two. 

Todays lecture was proof of everything Dr Redman has talked about throughout the semester.  How the technology of the 21st century gives us the ability to be journalists now.  We can all easily report news and be blogging to get our name out there.  That is exactly what Steve Molks has done, and now he is reviewing television for several different media outlets.  Steve Molks continually emphasised the importance of Twitter, and reporting things via Twitter instantly.  He shared with us some of his favourite journalists that he likes to follow.

Although I realise how important Twitter is for journalists, and for keeping up to date with breaking news, I have honestly found it really hard to get into this semester.  I am going to try use Twitter more throughout the rest of my degree, as it is so prominent and is only going to become more important as time goes on and as technology continues to advance.   

Overall, I have enjoyed this subject this semester.  I feel like it was a good way to start my journalism degree, and has certainly made me eager to continue to learn more about journalism. 

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