Monday, 16 April 2012

Lecture 7 Reflection - Public Media

In this afternoon’s lecture Dr Redman explained everything about public media: what it stands for, and what it tries to achieve. 

“Public media should have public value and embed a public service ethos.”

Public media news style is:

·         Serious

·         Broadsheet style

·         Importance over interest

·         Considered, not quick and unchecked

When I have watched programs on ABC and SBS I have certainly noticed that they reiterate the public media style that is mentioned above.  I think it is because of this media style that public media outlets have a reputation for being ‘boring’.  I don’t think boring is the right word, I see their programs as more simple and professional compared to commercial media programs.
Functions of public media:

·         Nation building

·         National heritage

·         National identity

·         National conversations

Prior to this lecture I did not realise that public media has so many guidelines.  One of the guidelines is: public media should have a special relationship to the sense of national identity and community.  When Dr Redman read this guideline to us I reflected on my experiences with public media and the public media I have watched.  I do feel like the public media outlets I watch (ABC and SBS) do uphold and reinforce this.  There is something about ABC’s style that always does seem rather ‘Australian’, they are also always supporting Australian television series and short movies.   
It is unfortunate that the public media outlets receive minimal funding compared to commercial media, because it is always the programs that public media produce that do make a huge difference in the world.  For example, Four Corners documentary on cattle exports to Indonesia sparked international debates that went on for months.  In comparison to commercial media, public media is certainly more about delivering important news and documentaries to Australians, rather than caring purely about profits.

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