Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Sins of a Father

I have recently finished reading Sins of a Father by Herald Sun journalist Eamonn Duff, for those who have not read this book yet I HIGHLY recommend it.  It is such an amazing piece of investigative journalism; it is incredible how much time and comprehensive research has gone into this book.  Eamonn Duff is such a brilliant journalist who has put an untold angle on Schapelle Corby’s drug smuggling story.  Before I read this book I was unsure if I thought Corby was guilty or not, but after reading this I know that she definitely is guilty.  Eamonn Duff has included evidence in this book that was never told to the courts or media.  It is an amazing piece of work, everyone must read this, it is a perfectly illustrates how valuable and important investigative journalism is!  This book got be so excited about investigative journalism.
Journalist Eamonn Duff, at the launch of his book Sins of a Father

This is a great interview with the author that explains what the book is all about, you should all check it out!

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