Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Welcome to Blogging.....

My name is Lauren Cooney, I just began studying a dual degree of Business and Journalism.  This assignment for JOUR1111 is my first attempt at blogging.  I am not very technologically advanced, so I will see how I go with regards to getting creative in formatting etc.

I decided to study Journalism because I really want to break into TV journalism.  I would love to be reporting on camera, it is something that I have always found so interesting and exciting!  Whether it was being news reporter, foreign correspondent, talk show host, I think I would love it.  My ultimate, dream job is to be a reporter on Getaway (typical, I know).   I have been very lucky to have travelled overseas quite a lot, but the more I travel the more addicted I become to travelling, so I know that any of these jobs would fulfil this addiction!

I will see how I go blogging over the next few weeks, wish me luck, and stay POSTED.

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