Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Story Pitches

For my JOUR1112 assignment I had to pitch three different stories: a human interest story, a information story, and a news story.  I thought I would share them on my blog.

For my human interest story I am doing a feature article on The Queensland Ballet.  At the end of 2012 Artist Director François Klaus is leaving The Queensland Ballet.  On the 24th of February, The Queensland Ballet announced that Li Cunxin will be the new Artist Director.  In my article I will be focusing on the uncertainty surrounding what changes will be made to the company with Li Cunxin stepping in as Artist Director.  My targeted audience is Brisbane residents, and other Queensland Ballet followers who have an interest in the Company. 

WHO: The Queensland Ballet
WHAT: Li Cunxin as new Artist Director
WHERE: Brisbane
WHEN: The end of 2012
WHY: François Klaus is leaving The Queensland Ballet and Li Cunxin is taking his place.
HOW: The Board at The Queensland Ballet decided that it was time for a new Artist Director.

With winter soon approaching, I feel like it is appropriate to do my information story on Influenza.  I am going to provide statistics and data about the illness, and information on ways to avoid the flu this winter, including facts about the vaccination.  This story is relevant for all readers, as many people are affected by the flu throughout the year.

WHO: Residents throughout Australia
WHAT: Information people need to know about Influenza and ways to avoid it.
WHERE: Throughout Australia
WHEN: Winter
WHY: The flu is a virus which spreads easily from person to person; therefore many people are affected every year.
HOW: People are affected through infected droplets in the air and by hands carrying the virus.

For my news story I am doing an article about young voters who voted in the recent State election.  I will find out who influenced their decisions, if they made informed votes, or if they simply voted for ‘whomever’.  I am going to speak to an expert in politics and ask if they believe there should be more emphasis placed on the importance of young voters making more informed votes.  This story is will be relevant for all readers as it is a very common topic that is currently receiving a lot of media attention.

WHO: Voters aged 18-21
WHAT: Are they making informed votes?
WHERE: Brisbane
WHEN: During all elections
WHY: To raise the importance of voting, and making informed choices.
HOW: By having more understandable and simple information about politics and political parties. 

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